People I work with

First and foremost, I simply invite people to share, to feel, to experience my "version" of Living Peace. -----  "Magic" happens. -----

What a person will "feel" is indescribable, profoundly and fundamentally different for every single person. 

The following are "extracts" from past and present clients.

Typically clients arrive when they are in pain. Their pain and discomfort can be so intense and debilitating that it directly impacts their quality of life, their normal day to day living, their ability to work, their ability to function, their ability to comfortably rest, their ability to even move.  In some cases their life is in a constant state of incurable pain.

Other clients face situations or circumstances that are not of a physical nature, the person may have suffered trauma, separation, depression, anxiety, grief, loss, a death, addiction, witnessed something tragic or horrific and are struggling to come to terms. 

Sometimes clients have their medication regime modified or cut back after spending many years on powerful medication, without a supporting structure they crash with extended period/s of incredibly debilitating pain and discomfort.

Some clients have experiences that they can not explain, like being driven, unable to stop or take a breather. Maybe they see themselves looking down at themselves or even up at themselves and the intensity of the feeling is crippling, as they struggle to "make sense" of their experience.

Some clients watch and witness themselves having a conversation with others and feel, really feel if they are not there, that they are somewhere else, trying desperately to get back inside their body.  What they are feeling is very real to them.

Other times, some clients loose all concept of "time", or their feeling of "time" becomes incredibly intense or distorted for some time, throwing their life into chaos, as they try to grapple with what is truly happening to them.

Some clients have arrived at a juncture in their lives and don't know what decision to make, or even how to make the decision because of other connected circumstances, like relationships, career, family, isolation, location, etc.

Some clients loose all awareness of familiar streets, places, where they are in a very familiar place and all of a sudden they loose their compass, they loose their spatial awareness, they loose their ability to "know" that they are in a very familiar place or situation.

Or maybe its the way they "feel" themselves to be, but the outside world is out of step with they way they "feel" on the inside, inside their physical body.

Some clients feel/know that they are consciously awake and aware, but don't seem to be gaining any traction/momentum.

Maybe they are feeling something, or hyper sensitive to certain situations or events, their reactions are over the top and they catch themselves.

Sometimes clients are confronted with situations and circumstances that are beyond their control, having to relive their pain over and over again, they feel as if they are going "mad". What they are experiencing is very real for them.

Sometimes there are groups or teams of people that don't get along for one reason or another.

Maybe they are tired all the time and can't seem to get the answer that "works" for them.

Or just to share a conversation about life to share differing perspectives.

Consultations are done either in person or via phone.

There are important aspect's to my work for me.  This work is me living my "joy", living my "living peace", living my "truth" and as such it is important to me that you experience your "version" of physical evidence that quickly makes a difference to you and your life.

Sessions are up to 1hr, the first session can often extend over the hour, depending on situation or circumstance.