Peace Architecture

Transform Trauma into Living Peace

Peace Architecture is a new version of my “story”, a new version of my “life” that "feels" empowering, transformational, that “feels” awesome, that “feels” authentic, that “feels” purposeful, intentional, that “feels” inspirational, that is unlearnt, that is undeniably powerful, that is in “service” to the highest impossible version/vibration of my living life.

Devout self exploration spanning four decades of questioning, risking, exploring, reflecting, running, glancing, being hunted, laughing, dying, forgiving, hiding, reconditioning, reinventing, reprogramming, being terrified, forging, falling in love and crying that has so gracefully encouraged me to arrive and arrive and arrive and continue to arrive.  

Ever since the day of my birth, this unknown yet familiar vehicle, this impossible map, this invisible blue print of Peace Architecture has been gently taking shape deep in the back ground, intentionally taking form, ever so deliciously, ever so subtly and purposefully sculpting my evolution, sculpting my life, sculpting versions of my “story”.

I was/am complicit in the creation and my participation of my of old “story”.

My "old story" was intentionally & purposefully driven by fear.  Fear was interwoven throughout the very fabric of my living life.  There was/is/continues to be huge/massive benefit in appreciation and realisation of my complicit behaviour, because my old "story" was/is/of/in service to me and my own growth/evolution/be-coming.


Peace Architecture was not intended to be a "fast fix", I still had many, many deep trenches to fall head first into and I did again and again.


Unexpectedly, I felt myself being exhilarated in the midst of a death spiral, from deepest and darkest crevices deep, deep inside me, "someone" was getting my attention.  In these moments, I was feeling uncontrollably excited.  

This "someone" was a different silent "feeling" part of "me". I "somehow" started to climb "differently", (with this different "silent feeling part of me" right there, up close and personal for several instant moments) out of my bloodied trenches, still up to my eye balls in mud, but this "felt different" and with each exhausted/broken step this "different way", this different "signature feeling" resonated just a tiny touch more. The up close and personal part of me disappeared as quickly as they arrived. 

From this "signature feeling", I ventured to learn my vibrations of silence, observe invisible vibrations of silence, really, really listen to the vibrations of silence, feel the trust of silence, feeling for that instantly recognisable "something" "signature feeling" that specifically only resonated with me, at such a deep profound level that my world was rocked to the very core, it would feel unfamiliar, yet vaguely somehow instantly deliciously familiar.

Over a 10 year journey, this "signature feeling" ever so slowly resonated a sliver more, each fatigued & exhausted step, the vibration of this "signature feeling" blended and merged into my body, ever so faintly "felt" a whisker, just a fraction of a whisker deeper/lighter/higher/different, making impossible illogical sense.

I had no idea what I was feeling and that was the awesomely delicious point.  I only knew that I could only go deep, deep inside/go within.  This was not meditation.  That came much later.

Something was waiting for me to arrive. My "signature feeling", my different "story", my instantly recognisable vibrations, were inviting me to arrive and arrive and arrive at me. 


Each of us have an accumulation of life-challenges, which may have had or continue to have catastrophic consequences of varying degrees, both for ourselves, our health, our career, our partners, our loved ones, our families, our local communities and wider society.

Imagine, just imagine for a minute, you "feel" you living your life in total freedom, every aspect of your "old" self, of your "old" conditioning, of your "old story", simply falling away and ever so gracefully and you deliciously be-coming your newer super-charged "version" of the impossible possibility of your life, of/on/in purpose, of/on/as Peace inside-out. 

Simple concept “Turn life upside down, dive deep, deep into the unknown foundations of life and re-wire, reconstruct. be-come with a different foundation born out of absolute stillness from that which once was, intertwining layered portions into a new different sequencing, new different blue print, profoundly honouring the "old story" with a really explosive "feeling" of being alive, while venturing in parallel with society & the perceived "chaos", step by step "from inside-out".

Feeling explosively alive with life on purpose, gently, joyfully, lovingly, gracefully, humbly, in immense gratitude for "all" that has happened throughout entire life, evolving, be-coming deeper/higher versions of Peace forever.

Impossible, oh yes, once, but not Now!!!